Learn how to edit your digital photos, so they look like the ones in the magazines... it's really simple once you know how!

"Learn How To Make Your Digital Photos Shine!"

Do you have a digital photo that's great except for just one element? Maybe the subject was too dark, or the background was distracting.
Want to know the secrets for creating shots that look like those in the magazines?
This FREE email course will teach you!
....Even if you know nothing about editing software!

Have you wanted to know how to do any of the following?

  • Remove Red Eye.
  • Replace part of an image and replace it with something else.
  • Change a photo to Black And White without it appearing lifeless.
  • Selectively color an image.
  • Add a frame to a photo.
  • Fix over exposed, and under exposed images.
  • How to correct white balance problems.
  • Blurring a 'busy' background.
  • Create composites - placing objects from different photos together.
  • Remove blemishes and unwanted objects from photos.
  • and much much more...

    This series of tips will cover how to do all the above, and much more. And not only for one paint program. I cover Paint Shop Pro, Picasa, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. So no matter what paint program you use, you'll be covered.

    But best of all, this is video training brought to you over the magic of the Internet. You'll watch me as I show you exactly what to do. You can also pause the video at any time and try it out for yourself. Best of all, you can watch the videos as many times as you want.

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    Here's some of the unsolicited feedback from my course...

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the tip on creating collages! You don't know how long I've wanted to know how to do this and you made it really easy to understand. I've never really known how to work with layers, but following your step by step instructions made it so simple.

     - Stephanie Cole

    Thank you for the tutorials on "Image Manipulation." You have a way to explain things clearly so that even the older (slower) generation can understand it. Suddenly the whole story of histograms is popping out of the dark.

     - Martin Kirstein

    It was a wonderful demonstration, I have read so many books on these subjects but it has never been clear to me. The visual aid and you speaking surely helps.

     - Karan Suri

    These lecture series is really valuable and comes in bite size chunks-easy to follow!

     - Anurag Kumar

    David, these video workshops are just excellent! Thank you so much. I have Paint Shop Pro 10, and it's just so good that you walk us through each step for these specific tasks. Very helpful!!!!

     - Judy Burnham, Tulsa, OK

    Been following your image tutorials. They are great. I use Photoshop Elements and have struggled with books, but this really helps with its audio and visual. I enjoy watching the other programs which helps me assess the different software that may be worth getting hold of.

     - Paul Dilnot, Australia

    I have been a Photoshop user for several years on a fairly regular basis both in my work and with my personal photos. I am guilty of falling into one way of doing things and not trying anything different. Your tips have inspired me to play with Photoshop again and to look for new ways of accomplishing a task. Thanks for the tips and keep them coming - they have a way of firing enthusiasm!

     - Ronda Atkinson, Saskatoon, Canada

    And here's some of the feedback from my other course - Digital Photography Secrets...

    When I first subscribed, I wasn't expecting much more than a sales pitch, but I've been so pleased with your secrets and interviews. You're the "real deal"!

     - Bobby Hansmann, America

    David offers a free digital photography tips course. The course is free and comes to you every day or three via email so that you can concentrate on working on tips one at a time. The 'secrets' are easy to read and good solid tips and techniques that should help those starting out through to more experienced users.

     - Darren Rowse, Digital Photography Blog

    The photos I took with your tips came out absolutely fabulous! Prior to that, the pictures I took came out depressingly disappointing and uninspiring. There was no real technique I could employ; for the very simple reason that there was no one willing to help me in this little hobby of mine. However, ever since taking your advice into account, I managed not only taking decent photographs - but fabulous ones as well! Indeed, the only person I can thank for that is YOU. I certainly look forward toward receiving more interesting and wonderful tips!

     - Saddiq M, Singapore

    I just received your first tip on photography. At first, I wondered if the tips would be filled with technical instructions. To my surprise & delight, the tip is absolutely easy to read and grasp and wonderful. Already, I will be taking better shots.

     - Geoffrey Shields

    Thank you very much. Your tips are fantastic. I've managed to really improve my photography ten fold. I keep all the tips you send out. My wife Angela, and I look forward to receiving them.

     - John Andrews

    Your photography lesson should be given a 10 / 10 ratings. Why? It is simple and easy to follow (not too technical). By just going through the lesson, an idiot with a camera (like me) can shoot excellent photographs that could impress photographers! Thanks David !

    What I've gained from your lessons: Confidence to capture great pictures (very important), The variety of angles to create interesting photos, and night shots improved (the tripod lesson).

     - Faizzal Fah'd

    I've attended a few courses on photography including the on-line course. But non of it that could me a straight and layman explanation until I received your tutor on secret of photography. Even with the early few secrets, I have tried and got wonderful and meaningful images that I have been trying all these years. Thanks David for your brilliant and systematic approach.

     - Nazaruddin Abu Zaharin

    I just wanted to say thanks for the brilliant 3 week course material you have put together - this will sure come in handy!

     - Melanie Walsh, South Africa

    I am 16 years old and have recently brought a digital camera. I would just like to say how much your photography secrets have helped me.

     - James Collier

    I must say, signing up for your free ecourse was one of the best things I've ever done.

     - Thomas Reamer

    I am in the middle of a basic photography class and I have learned more from your tips than my class, so far.

     - Sharon

    Thank you so much for your newsletter. We have a camera club where I live and think this will be helpful for all the people new to digital photography.

     - Janet Reeve

    I have received two "tips" from you so far and have used both to shoot better already. Thankyou! ... I think your tips are great and well written. I've read about digital photography on a few sites when I sat afterwards mumbling.... "english, I wish they would explain it in english".

     - Candace Douglas

    This is just to say thank you so much for all your wonderful tips and techniques and I really appreciate the time and effort that you have put into writing and emailing these .. The tips have helped me a great deal and I shall look forward to doing some interesting shots in the future.. You are doing a great service to photography and I hope that many others like me can benefit from your skills and good deeds. So keep up the good work and I wish you every success in the future.

     - Waleed Al-Temimi

    I found that the Image Editing Secrets were excellent. I would like to thank you for the simple straight forward information on digital photography. Just yesterday I had my sister sign up for your "Photo-tips". I will strongly recommend your newsletter to others also.

     - Joanne

    I just want to Thank you. I love the tips they have been a great help.

     - Dawn

    Subscribe now and I think you’ll agree that it's not all that hard to turn your 'so-so' photos into 'sensational' ones! But you be the judge. Sign up now.

    Yours in Photography,

    PS. Still have concerns about giving away your email address? I understand - it's really hard to find honest people on the Internet nowdays. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to email me. I'm happy to personally answer your question or concern.

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